A powerful design tool with a familiar interface

With PADS Designer you have a powerful design tool for creating stunning presentations. The Microsoft PowerPoint look-alike interface enables you to start creating your presentations immediately.

Rich text, videos, Internet pages, Flash, PDF and live TV are just a small selection of the type of content that is supported. Simply drag-and-drop your content into PADS Designer and compose an appealing presentation.

When you work with PADS Designer you will notice that behind the simple design of the application there are tons of advanced features giving you endless possibilities.

Unrivalled data connectivity

Including live data from external sources into your presentation has never been easier. With a wizard and just a couple of mouse clicks you can link page elements to data providers like RSS news feeds, a Microsoft Outlook Calendar or a local Microsoft Excel file.

PADS includes no less than 35 data providers, varying from
a simple text file provider to generic database drivers, meaning that there is always a provider to link to your data.

By using advanced options like data scrolling, filtering and conditional rules you can make your presentation respond in a truly dynamic and intelligent manner.




Present your content just the way you want

With PADS you don’t have to build up your content from scratch. Just bring your existing content from media files, databases and the Internet together in PADS Designer and enrich it with a nice layout with visual effects for an attractive presentation.

Bring your ‘big data’ to life with dynamic tables, charts and graphs. Connect them to your own data feeds to show live up to the minute information in a visually appealing way.

Embed your existing PowerPoint presentations in PADS or take a clipped area from your website. Nearly everything is possible. Use your imagination and be creative!


Key Features

Get in touch with your audience. Include interactive content like Flash, Internet pages or interactive buttons and let your audience decide about the information they want to see. Interact via a mouse, keyboard or touch or the intelligent way by QR codes, RFID, NFC or a camera in combination with audience recognition software.
Make your screens social by connecting them to social media. Link to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Flick, Picasa or Instagram and have PADS automatically merge the latest tweets, videos or images into your presentation. All this on a real-time basis and of course in the layout that you have chosen.
 Enrich your presentations with live TV. Add a TV card and tune into your favourite channel. PADS supports analog TV as well as digital TV from cable, satellite or terrestrial. As an alternative use IPTV technology by streaming TV feeds from a central location using third party products for IPTV.

In PADS Designer you can work with media files in all well-known file formats. Place your images, videos and Flash files in the PADS Content library and they will automatically be uploaded and shared among all users of your PADS system. To manage your files in the PADS Content library use the PADS Content Organizer tool.
A 4K resolution for an Ultra HD display, a video wall of multiple screens or a LED wall with a custom resolution? PADS supports it all. Design for a specific resolution to get the best quality or choose automatic scaling for optimal flexibility. The zoom features of PADS Designer ensure that you can design for any resolution with ease.
 Curious to know how your presentation will look like? With the included preview function you can view the results of your creativity at a glance. During playback you will see a fully functional preview of your presentation, so you get to see the ‘real picture’.

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