Purchase the PADS licenses you need

Determine the number of displays, player hardware and infrastructure of your digital signage network and
choose the PADS licenses that best suit your needs.

Start with a PADS4START Starters kit that consists of a PADS Designer, PADS Scheduler and PADS
Server license and extend it with PADS Viewer licenses and a PADS Agent license. Depending on the
type of content you want to display; choose either the BASIC Viewer, XPRESS Viewer or XPERT Viewer or combination of these.

Software Contract

With valid PADS software contract for your PADS installation you are entitled to ALL updates to your current version
of the PADS software that become available.

Upon expiration of the software contract period you have the option to renew it either for a 1 or 3 year’s

Lower your entrance costs with a subscription

As an alternative to purchasing PADS licenses you can choose to take a 1 or 3 year subscription. With
a subscription you pay a fixed yearly fee, based on your number of PADS licenses.

A subscription includes the PADS Software Contract.

More information?

If you want to know more about PADS licensing, software contracts, subscription model or you would like a
quotation, please 
contact us.

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