Develop your own unique digital signage solution

Take digital signage to the next level with your own unique digital signage solution, powered by PADS.

Extend the features of your presentations by developing your own Add-ons. Use the powerful data connectivity features of PADS to automatically feed your Add-on with real-time data. Add your Add-on to PADS Designer and let it automatically adapt the look-and-feel of PADS.

Use the PADS Software Development Kit to enhance PADS with your own features, to develop custom digital signage Apps or to entirely replace one of the PADS applications with your own solution.


Powerful software development kit

With the PADS Software Development Kit you use the same Application Programming Interface (API) as the standard PADS applications like PADS Scheduler, PADS Viewer and PADS Agent. This gives you all the tools you need to develop a custom signage solution.

Because the PADS SDK is based on the standard Microsoft .NET development environment you don’t need to learn a complex scripting language. Any software developer familiar with .NET programming languages like VB.NET or C# can directly start using the SDK.

Developing a PADS SDK solution doesn’t need to be complex. Just use one of the sample projects as a starting point, make some adjustments to add your own features to the signage network and let PADS do the rest!

 The PADS Software Development Kit offers

  • Powerful API to develop custom signage solutions
  • Based on standard .NET programming languages
  • Quick development using PADS features
  • Detailed reference guide
  • Sample projects including source code

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