What is digital signage?

Digital signage is the distribution of information, targeted to a certain audience, at a selected location and at a
predetermined time through digital screens, often managed remotely with relevant visual content. This form of dynamic
communication can be found in both public and private environments, such as retail stores, hotels, airports, restaurants, hospitals, universities and corporate buildings, amongst other locations.

The power of digital signage is that you can target specific audiences through just a single display or a worldwide network of displays. You control the distribution and playback of the content on the screens, from a central location.

Other terms synonym to digital signage are narrowcasting and digital-out-of-home media (DOOHM).

Why is PADS digital signage smart?

'Standard’ digital signage is often limited to simple playback of content on digital screens. We can do that, no problem, but we like to take it a few steps further.  Just as manufacturers of Smart TVs or Smartphones add clever use to their devices, we give digital signage an extra edge to optimize your digital message.

We make our digital signage smart by tapping into data sources such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics®, SAP, content management systems, video surveillance systems, room reservation systems, queue management, and social media. Based on these data sources we can dynamically change the content on your display, resulting in a strong digital signage solution. To push the limits we add interactivity, real-time web content and analytics to your digital signage for maximum engagement from your public.

Smart Digital Signage is powered by PADS, our out-of-the box software that will design, schedule, distributes, display and manage any message on any screen at the right moment for the right audience.

How can you benefit from our Smart Digital Signage

We make digital signage happen, whether it’s the donut of the week on just a single display in your bakery or crucial sales information on thousands of screens in multiple locations worldwide of your global organisation.

With Smart Digital Signage software powered by PADS you are able to provide your clients, employees or guests with the right information in the right place, at the right time.

This includes a wide variety of possibilities ranging from in-store content based on gender and age, temperature driven advertising to a combined way-finding and queue management solution and many more.

As seasoned pioneers with 15+ years of experience in digital signage we provide Smart Digital Signage tailored to your needs.

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