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Upgrade your static advertising

Nowadays, whether you’re shopping in your local mall, having dinner in your favorite restaurant or even in the cab on your way home, you’ll notice how many
static printed ads have been replaced by dynamic digital displays. 

Numerous organizations have already turned to digital using Smart Digital Signage powered by PADS and changed the way how they communicate with their customers.
PADS offers advertisers a reliable, dynamic and measurable multimedia presentation with to-the-point location, timing and demographic targeting.

Smart Digital Signage powered by PADS is an excellent tool to make consumers aware of your company and products or services. Think of displaying special offers, discounts, and menus of the day or the brand new collection that just came in today.

As your audience may vary throughout the day it’s vital to make sure the right advertising is displayed to the right audience.

Use any existing data source

With PADS you have a data driven advertising solution opening doors to any existing data source to take it light-years further than the impact of printed advertisement. 

With audience analytic compliant IP cameras with Smart Digital Signage powered by PADS you have a powerful in-store signage solution. Based on data such as age, gender and distance to the display the in-store screen content will adapt on the spot influencing purchase decision making and enhancing the engagement of your customers.

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