PADS4 Social Safety Signage

Sterilizing the Covid Chaos. Socially distance your workforce from the Fake Covid Rumour .

Prevent new incidents from happening.

The new normal comes with new technologies that are more important than ever. Scanning skin temperatures of employees and visitors is one possibility, but detecting non-mask usage and distance measuring through cameras also gives you the opportunity to keep a watchful eye.

Stay informed and Prevent the spread

With our powerful digital signage, you inform and communicate all that is needed to manage and
control the pandemic.


Keep everyone informed. Signage to desktop/laptop

Important Updates - immediately available.

Important guidelines - right in front of those that need to know.

Reinforce critical containment knowledge.


Prevent new breakouts. Limit unwanted interaction.

Awareness automated. Sensors and counters to measure and display

Movement control indication to avoid close quarter contamination.


Sophisticated crowd monitoring.
Capturing abnormal markers to trigger activity.


Temperature marker driven alerts.
Breach alert functionality.
Scheduling measures according to statistical information.
Full Reporting of incidents.

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