Smart Digital Signage:-  Outdoor Communication

Stand out in the crowd

In public venues with big crowds you come across numerous large-format signs, all screaming for your attention. The ones that really stand out, are not the traditional static paper signs, but the ones that have dynamic and eye-catching content on crisp large displays.

Impress with large displays

Create direct impact with Smart Digital Signage powered by PADS for Outdoor Communication. Make your outdoor sign the center of attention with high definition content, whether it’s on a single display or an enormous video wall.

Digital outdoor communication is extremely suitable for big events drawing huge crowds like music festivals. Connect all digital signs to one network and manage all your display communication from a central location.

Think of dynamic way finding from and to the parking sections, food vendor information in the food court areas, restroom directions and unexpected changes in the line-up. Advertisements of sponsors and dates of future events can also be part of your digital broadcast.

Keep your highway billboards fresh

Create a flexible solution for digital highway billboard advertising. The number of large digital billboards located in high-traffic environments has grown increasingly in the past few years. Get tremendous visibility, rotate your ads and keep your content fresh with PADS.

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