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Make your digital signage more personal

You just went to the best rock concert you have ever been to. No better way to show your excitement than to immediately post a thank-you tweet on their band page in your social network. Wouldn’t it be great to also share that tweet with anyone in the same music venue?

With Smart Digital Signage powered by PADS for Social Media you can integrate your social media streams on any digital sign or video wall connected with your building or venue. Put sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Picasa to good use and engage your audience. Provide a personalized experience to your visitors, guests and employees and establish a valuable relationship through digital signage.

Reach your social media followers on your displays

Social media has become an integral part of brand strategies and is an inexpensive way to keep your content fresh and up to date. Use your social media channel to display content, varying from photos and event announcements to contests and advertisements.

Expand your audience reach, share your information, engage customers and lower your marketing cost by integrating social media into your Smart Digital Signage powered by PADS network.

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