When finding information is a User Experience. “Yeah yeah we can go now. I just want to…once more”.

You’re out shopping for a new smartphone, but you have not decided yet which one fits your needs. Walking into the store you see all store staff are busy. You don’t want to wait and thus decide to leave the store. Perhaps somewhere else you can be helped right away.


With Smart Digital Signage for Interactivity you never leave any of your customers unattended. Use digital signage to support your staff by displaying attention grabbing content on interactive touchscreens. Show your interactive store catalog and on demand videos, integrate audience recognition to provide personalized advice and increase shopper engagement by blending in your social media streams.

Make your in-store signage even smarter. Trigger the screen content when customers have picked up for example a certain smartphone from the shelf. Display unique product information as soon the smartphone is picked up. If the customer also picks up another smartphone, show the comparative specifications of both phones. This way you give shoppers the opportunity to compare and make the best choice.