Your opposition has a queue waiting to be served. You have a queue waiting to see what is on next…and secretly hoping it takes just a little bit longer to be served. (Don’t tell opposition though)


Waiting, you’d rather not, but often it’s inevitable. Waiting in line to board your flight, in the waiting room at the hospital, getting in line buying tickets for the big game or in the never-ending queue for the roller coaster ride at your favourite amusement park.


Make waiting more bearable with Smart Digital Signage for Queue Management. Link to your existing queue management system and automatically display expected waiting time and ticket numbers to inform your patients, visitors or travelers.

Your queue management system contains relevant information about your waiting customers. Use that valuable information and keep your customers entertained while waiting to be served with targeted infotainment and reduce the perceived waiting time. Think of combining this with specific advertising, public service announcements, news feeds or live TV.