Laser focused messages that ramp up the pulse with excitement vs reflex induced pause, looking for an escape route to avoid randomly flung visual noise. And the choice is….?

When you’re out shopping, you get exposed to numerous advertisements. Some relevant, but many are far from your interest and needs. Wouldn’t it be great if stores would show exactly what you’re looking for?

With Smart Digital Signage for Analytics you’re able to identify who’s in your store. Drive your content based on data retrieved from sources like IP cameras, RFID tags, QR and Bar codes. Use data such as age, gender or interest to your advantage and play content relevant to the person facing the screens. Combine audience recognition tools and provide tailor-made targeted messages.


If you’re looking to run ads on your signage network it’s crucial you meet your advertisers’ requirements. Measure with the Agent software the Proof-of-Play of the displayed advertisements. View collected Proof-of-Play information to know exactly where, when and for how long your content has played. Export the information to Excel or other third party applications for billing purposes.

Another way to see if your messages have been read are the read-receipts gained from the Messenger. This way you can keep track of the reading behavior of your audience in a desktop environment.