What started out as a rainy and cloudy morning suddenly turns into a hot and sunny day. Meanwhile your establishment is packed with hungry and thirsty customers. This would be the perfect moment to respond quickly. You wished you could promote the ice cream of the day on all static menu boards at once in an instance…


Does the menu make your mouth water? From aromatic bacon and eggs breakfast, to a steamy hot broth for the cold front, as fast as setting your gas burner dial.

With Smart Digital Signage for menu boards you’ll never miss an opportunity like this. Adapt instantly to any unexpected situation and take full advantage of it. Updating pricing and menu changes on the displays is done within minutes. Schedule ahead by offering different menus based on dayparting (e.g. breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner time).

Power your digital menu boards with Smart Digital Signage and promoting your offerings have never been easier. Better yet, it’s even possible to create mind blowing solutions such as temperature driven advertising. Your menu boards will automatically display your assorted ice scream flavors when temperature goes up and hot choco when it gets freezing cold.