Might as well be “As the crow flies” given how fast your client gets right to where they need to be (and you want them to be).


With Smart Signage for Wayfinding,  you can avoid this kind of situation at any time. Place your displays at strategic locations and lead visitors efficiently through your building, whether it’s a hospital, airport or convention center. Upload any change of location or route on the screens within seconds.

Make your wayfinding truly unique with dynamic guidance. Guide transfer passengers at an airport to their next flight after a sudden gate change or displaying an exit emergency route in case of emergency.


Imagine you’re in a rush making it in time for your doctor’s appointment in the hospital. Because you have not visited the hospital for a while you’re not aware the doctor has moved from the second to the third floor. As result you end up late at your appointment.


You get the most out of your guidance solution for convention centers. With events changing on a daily bases and having different exhibitions coincide in the same building on the same day you need to point those thousands of delegates in the right direction. The possibility to schedule multiple events simultaneously and include name and logos of exhibitors in our way finding solution guarantees exhibitors and their visitors to meet each other at the designated places. Through mobile units we even offer a solution to create temporary guidance.

Combine our Smart Digital Signage for Wayfinding with a queue management system and you have a very powerful and foremost audience friendly solution. Show, next to dynamic guidance, the estimated waiting time in waiting rooms of a hospital or in the hall of Public Services.