Userful Video Wall

A Video Wall Solution For Those Who Care About Reliability, Management And Scalability.


Userful turns a standard PC into a flexible and powerful video wall controller that delivers visually stunning displays over the network with unparalleled simplicity and ease, at an affordable price.

With Userful you can:

  • Deliver any layout including one of a kind artistic or mosaic-style video walls with up to 6k source content in real time on up to 60 displays per video wall.
  • Use virtually unlimited simultaneous internal and external content sources on preset zones across a single video wall or onto a mix of video walls and digital signs.
  • Manage the solution easily from a browser or smart phone.


Network architecture eliminates clunky video cards or specialized interconnects and cable extensions.

The solution ensures a long-lasting video wall that is easily up-gradable as customers seek higher-resolution content in the future.

Customers can deploy a mix of display types and sizes and place them anywhere on the image canvas at any angle.

The same server that supports the video wall can support other digital signs, interactive displays and desktops including signage replication for the same content stream synced across multiple displays or video walls.

It’s all delivered in real-time over a standard Ethernet network, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Deploy video walls for retail stores, lobbies, museums, restaurants, stadiums, meeting rooms, broadcast centers, banks, customer service points, control rooms, and beyond.

A Featureful, Powerful Platform that’s also Easy to Use

Userful is the best way to deploy not just large video walls but display systems of every kind. A scalable, flexible and secure visual networking platform.

Userful makes it easy and affordable to centrally manage all the displays that power operational productivity. business communication, collaboration and customer engagement organization wide.

Key Features

Flexible Layouts

Use Zones, Multi-Window, or Picture-in-Picture to design optimal layouts with maximum flexibility. Divide and display content simultaneously.

Cloud Management

Control Video Walls at multiple locations—remotely or locally using Userful’s cloud servers.

Custom Presets

Automate content using the Preset-Switcher for different sources, layouts, and time schedules; using a desktop or mobile device.

Interactive Viewer

Use a browser (including a smartphone) as the mouse and keyboard for the video wall– or for any zone within the video wall.

Desktop Streaming

Operators can easily display their desktops on the video wall using the local area network. For higher resolution use HDMI connection.

Role Based Access Control

Assign and restrict specific features based on custom teams. Assign users to groups based on team membership or individual roles.

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