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PADS4 Viewer

PADS Viewer ensures that your presentation will start exactly on time and play smoothly on your Ultra HD display, video wall or tablet.

PADS4 Designer

Create an appealing presentation with PADS Designer, a powerful WYSIWYG design tool with a familiar Microsoft Office look-alike interface.

PADS4 Scheduler

Decide exactly where and when you want your presentation to become visible and schedule it with PADS Scheduler.

PADS4 Crystal CMS

Manage content across your digital signage network with our fully secure web-based CMS.

PADS4 Server

Your presentation together with its relevant Content Library is automatically distributed to the right displays by PADS Server.

PADS4 Agent

Analyze the content that has been played, monitor the performance of your network or remotely manage your displays with PADS Agent.


With PADS4 CTRL Center you can manage 80% of all daily operations through the internet, it contain the functionality that is available in the Windows applications (with the exception of the PADS4 Designer).

PADS4 Desktop Viewer

A powerfull internal communication tool. Enables you to send instant messages to any desktops, laptops or tablets throught your organization.


All your displays, one easy network. PADS4 puts you in control of airport signage with network tools to update, share, and manage signage from one central location.

Numbers don’t lie

PADS4 digital signage software powers 500,000 + screens in more than 75 countries, with the scalability to take on any new project, no matter the size.

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