With PADS4 CTRL Center you can manage 80% of all daily operations through the internet. PADS4 CTRL Center contain the functionality that is available in the Windows applications (with the exception of the PADS4 Designer).

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Log-in with your current credentials, and be amazed by the natural look & feel of the PADS4 CTRL Center. Instantly detect offline viewers, license expirations, and much more.

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Content Management

Content used by PADS4 can be managed in the Content environment. This allows you to browse, preview content and manage content (add/edit/delete/move).

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Online Scheduling

Schedules allows you to schedule PADS4 presentations onto Viewers or Viewer groups for a certain period which can be recurrent or adhoc. The filter option allows you to search for a specific presentation for the selected Viewer. It is also possible to switch to multi viewer and compare schedules of different Viewers. The green dot besides the Viewer name indicates the Viewer is online, and the red that the Viewer is currently offline.

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License Oversight

Licenses allows you to check and activate your license both online and offline.

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